Out-patient rehabilitation

Out-patient rehabilitation at the Badener Kurzentrum allows patients to take part in an out-patient spinal rehabilitation program following an in-patient cure or rehabilitation stay after e.g. a slipped disk or spinal surgery.

The individual training programs are based on four pillars:

  • Sensomotoric training
  • Strength training with the DAVID-spine concept
  • Relaxation training
  • Training and presentations

The goal is increasing and maintaining the quality of life for patients under professional guidance. The improvement of existing functions and the compensation for possible limitations avoids spinal problems in advance.

DAVID-spine concept

Poor posture when sitting, disordered movement patterns, unilateral stresses – the DAVID system is used to detect these and other posture problems / spinal weaknesses. This system uses computer-aided devices for diagnosis and therapeutic training of the trunk and leg muscles.

The data thus recorded is used to create an individual spinal profile, which then provides the basis for deciding the individual training measures. Muscular deficits can thereby be balanced out and the equilibrium of the muscular system restored.

Areas of application

  • Unspecific back pain (lower back pain)
  • Degenerative changes
  • Spondylosis and spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal injury within the scope of conservative or postoperative treatment
  • Prevention of chronicity of back and neck ailments
  • Reduction of long-term medication and medical treatment incl. general measures
  • Improvement of symptoms

SPINELINER – the electronic assistant

Anyone suffering with pain of the muscular system is in good company. A great number of people have encountered the common complaint of back ache. The causes and triggers vary greatly: unilateral stresses, a lack of exercise, but also factors such as stress and excess weight can cause back ache. This is the perfect situation for employing the Spineliner.

The Spineliner is an electronic analysis and therapy tool which can precision-locate dysfunctional vertebrae and apply a gentle form of therapy. Immediate pain alleviation and improvement of mobility provide with great benefits.

Areas of application

  • Neck, upper-back pain, mid-back pain and lower-back pain
  • Joint blockages
  • Painful tendon insertions and joints
  • Muscular tension