Patients without a referral

Therapies for patients without a referral

  • Contact with the Badener Kurzentrum
    Therapies at the Badener Kurzentrum require a prior medical examination at our facilities.
    Schedule a doctor’s appointment!
  • Doctor's appointment / examination at the Badener Kurzentrum – prescription of therapies
  • A therapy regime will be developed for you at the therapy reception after the doctor’s appointment.
  • The Badener Kurzentrum will invoice the prescribed treatments according to the official price list at the beginning of your therapies.
  • Prevention due to illness – If you are unable to attend therapy sessions because of an illness, we kindly request that you cancel them in due time. We will schedule an alternative date for you as quickly as possible, subject to availability.
    Dates that were not cancelled will be charged at the private rate.